The bike desk is our newest member of the Walkway family and most innovative offering. Bike desks enable you to sit, actively. A bike desk is the perfect way to exercise while you work – burning calories,improving creativity, and increasing productivity.

Our bike desks are high quality and built to last, unlike many lower end desk-cycles on the market. We use durable materials and our bikes are designed to eliminate movement and vibration produced from pedaling.

If you already own a standing desk, you can purchase the bike desk base to slip underneath. Or you already own one of our treadmill desks, you can roll the treadmill desk out and slip the bike desk under for a change of pace. Otherwise, our full bike desk units come with both the bike desk base and height adjustable standing desktops, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day with the simple push of a button.

All desks are customizable to accommodate your unique needs:

  • Size: All desks are 29’’ inches deep and available in three widths to best accommodate your space and preferences: 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet wide working surfaces.
  • Desktop Color: choose between cool gray, acajou, maple, or cherry
  • Frame Color: choose between silver or charcoal


Bike Desk
from 1,249.00

Our 38'' desks are only available in gray.

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Unity Bike Desk

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