Walkway Workstation Directions for Use and Safety Tips:

STEP 1: Adjust the desk to proper height, the keyboard and mouse should be at elbow level 

STEP 2: Straddle the walking belt, standing on the side rails 

STEP 3: Attach the red safety clip to your clothing near the center of the body 

STEP 4: Press the GREEN start button, treadmill will countdown 3,2,1 and start moving at 0.4 mph 

STEP 5: Start walking on the treadmill at 0.4 mph and adjust to desired speed while walking

STEP 6: To adjust the speed in 0.1 mph increments press the UP / DOWN arrows 

  • Maximum speed is 4.0 mph 
  •  1.0-2.0 mph is optimal “walking and working” speed while typing

 STEP 7: To complete your session

  • Press the RED Stop / Pause button and the treadmill will come to a gradual stop 
  • Once the belt comes to a complete stop remove the safety clip and step off the treadmill base

Note the Walkway Workstation is armed with the patented safety feature “IntelliGuard”. If for some reason, the user of the treadmill desk would leave the desk without turning off the treadmill desk, the treadmill will detect that no one is on the treadmill and pause the treadmill after 20 seconds.