What's a Walkway Workstation™ you might ask?

Walkway Workstations are innovative treadmill desks, specifically designed with the purposeful traveler in mind. Walkway Workstations feature spacious desk space, a device charging station, and free Internet access to ensure you make the most out of every minute.

Traffic, crowds, long security line, flight delay, lost baggage, poor sleep, unhealthy eating, missed workout ..... 

Sound Familiar?

Travel is tiring! We get it and are here to help. Meet Walkway™, a new service designed to energize the travel experience. Walkway™ offers a healthy and productive alternative to the traditional travel experience through state-of-the-art Walkway Workstations™, available at an airport near you.

Ready to Walk with Purpose?

Walk or work? Why choose? With Walkway you can walk with purpose. Walkway allows you to get extra steps in and  get stuff done - whether that be making a phone call, responding to email, checking Facebook, or enjoying Walkway's extensive entertainment options.

And don't worry - you're coordinated enough and you're not going to sweat.

Walkway Workstation's maximum speed is 2.0 miles per hour, making it safe and comfortable to walk, talk and type all at once. Gym shoes are recommended, but at 2.0 miles per hour it's unlikely you'll break a sweat - even in work clothes. 

The max speed may be small - but the benefits are huge.

Walkway Workstations are clinically proven to improve health, productivity, creativity --- and boost your mood.

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