Minneapolis - St. Paul Highlights

  • 16th largest metropolitan area in the US
  • 19th Fortune 500 companies and 7 of the largest privately held companies
  • Voted the "fittest" city in America
  • Ranked 2nd for the highest quality of life
  • 4th happiest state in the country

MSP Airport Statistics

  • International airport, Delta hub
  • Over 33 million annual travelers
  • 17th largest airport in North America
  • Monthly Impressions: 7,727,650
  • Annual Impressions: 92, 731,797

Sponsors receive premium placement on Walkway Workstations stationed in highly trafficked C and F concourses.

Concourse C at C21

  • Two Walkway Workstations in the main concourse at C21.
  • C Concourse has over 14,000 passengers daily.
  • C21 is a tram stop and highly trafficked junction with Concourse G.

Concourse F at F3

  • One Walkway Workstation in the service center outside F3
  • F concourse has over 12,000 passengers daily.
  • An estimated 1,000 individuals use the service center daily.

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