Meet Sue

Sue is a health nut superstar who works from home as a blogger. She already has a standing desk at her house and has discovered the benefits of saying no to sitting. Sue is ready to take the next step and walk and work. What should Sue do?

Recommendation: Sue can add one of our treadmill bases to complete her active workstation set up.

Meet Rob and Bob

Rob and Bob are two entrepreneurial brothers that want to improve the health and productivity of their businesses. What treadmill desks should they choose?


Rob runs a boutique accounting firm with only five associates out of a small space constrained office. He wants to surprise his employees this tax season by providing them with treadmill desks for their individual work spaces. Rob is concerned about the width of the desktop, as he needs to ensure the treadmill desks can fit into each of his employee’s cube spaces.

Recommendation: Personal – Use Treadmill Desk.

This best-selling personal use treadmill desk boasts a 2.5 horsepower motor, an electronically adjustable desk and compact 38’’desk that is sure to fit in smaller spaces.

Bob is CEO of a large consulting practice that has a sprawling corporate campus with an open space concept. Bob wants to energize the environment by placing a few treadmill desks in communal spaces so that people can walk and work. He believes in providing people with ample desk space to spread out their belongings and simultaneously expand their creative horizons.

Recommendation: Commercial-use Treadmill Desk

This commercial-grade treadmill desk boasts a 3.0 horsepower motor, electronically adjustable desk and spacious 48’’ desktop.

ACME CO..png

Meet Acme Co.

Acme Co. is a large employer in Cartoonsville, USA. Acme Co. has made worksite wellness a corporate priority and is seeking new, innovative ways to improve employee health and wellness. Acme Co already has outfitted every employee with a standing desk and has treadmill desks available for use in shared, communal spaces. They are looking to stay on top of the latest health trends and provide employees with another active alternative to standing or walking while working.

Recommendation: Bike Desk

Our new line of bike desks (link to bike desks) are a great addition to the active-workstation product line. They allow users to sit and diversify their routine with a pedaling motion.


ABComp is a new start up in Silicon Valley. Sleek, innovative and high tech - all things ABComp are top of the line - down to their worksite wellness offerings. ABComp is looking for a long lasting treadmill desk with clean lines, a smooth ride, and best in class features. The answer is simple - Walkway's premium desk. 


Recommendation: Premium Treadmill Desk

Our premium treadmills are top of the line. You can rest easy knowing you've selected a best in breed product that will activate your work space for years to come. 

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