Meet Sue.

Sue works from home, is sick of sitting 8+ hours per day and wants to activate her workday. She hopes to get in about 2 hours of walking per day and does not think anyone else in her household will use the treadmill desk. A savvy shopper, price matters – what should Sue choose?


Recommended Model:
TR 800 – DT 5

Best choice for individual users that plan to use the treadmill <3 hours per day and do not need to adjust the desk height frequently.

Meet Rob and Bob.

Rob and Bob are two entrepreneurial brothers that want to improve the health and productivity of their small businesses. Rob runs a small accounting firm with only 3 other associates. Bob runs a consulting business with about 50 employees in his office. Both are willing to spend a little more for a treadmill desk that can handle 5-6 hours of use – what should they choose?

Recommended Model: 
TR 1200 – DT 5 

(ROB) Manual adjustable desk good for <5 users

Recommended Model: 
TR 1200 – DT 7

(BOB) Electronic adjustable desk best for 5+ users

Meet Acme Co.

Acme Co. is a large employer in Cartoonsville, USA. Acme Co. has made worksite wellness a corporate priority and is seeking new, innovative ways to improve employee health and wellness. Acme Co. has 3,000 employees at their corporate worksite and anticipates each treadmill to get 8+ hours of use per day. What should Acme choose?

Recommended Model:
TR 5000 – DT 7

Best value and highest quality for high-use corporate or communal settings.

ACME CO..png