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But with identity theft becoming a more popular form of fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission FTCmore attention is being paid to chat rooms that serve as flea markets for hackers.

This marks the culmination of an ongoing streak in which at least 34 different AOL content areas have been affected since April of Next time you visit AOL's chat rooms, remember the day the chat stood still. for another image Other Recent Attacks.

The day the chat stood still. With 13 million users, several would inevitably witness the chat room hack -- and five AOL Watch readers came forward to share their recollections.

One was reminded that, once again, AOL's performance issues are completely out of the subscribers' hands. Users clicking AOL's "Find a chat" icon report that it produced a list of chat rooms in which every room had exactly the same name The two images below chaf taken at different points during the evening.

Chat room for hackers

The hackers -- and even some subscribers -- are publicly opining that AOL is powerless to prevent the assaults. That same aspect of IRC also makes it a tough digital obstacle for law enforcement. The feds were able to track down the hacker known as "Mafiaboy" when he bragged about his exploits in chat rooms. Perhaps AOL feels that keeping coverage out of the mainstream media is enough

Chat room for hackers

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