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They really think it's something valid. The popular Facebook group, which has more than 80, members, is predominantly led by atheists, or "ex-Muslims", as somalke refer to themselves.

The somali love of 'rude' nicknames

About sharing Somali atheists in the diaspora are running a Facebook group to challenge their community's Islamic beliefs, but they often receive death threats, writes journalist Layla Mahmood. So what? Ayaanle echoes this sentiment but knows that there are some who are not so lucky.

He was starting to chat up the girl when she suddenly caught sight of his scar. He was a university lecturer who was arrested for writing a Facebook post that questioned the validity of praying to Soalie as a means of relieving the drought in So you will come across men - and most nicknames are reserved for men - called Langare Limpy or Coryaan Handicapped.

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He called you Lugay, or One Leg? We really believe that people should believe what they want to believe and be who they want to be.

Chat somalie

Somalis can be quite a xenophobic lot and foreigners are frequently given short shrift. He was always known as Farurey, or Harelip.

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You cannot criticise or say anything about Islam. The first time I came across Somalis' love of nicknames was when the cleaning lady in our house asked where was Faroole, the young man who delivered our lunch.

Chat somalie

One way that the TSFP helps is through raising money and the cash has bought plane tickets and helped with living expenses. The case demonstrates the complexity of how power operates in Somalia and Somaliland, with the line between religious leaders and government being ificantly blurred. They want to silence me through fear. One prominent imam called for his execution.

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Something he believes Somalis need now more than ever. Suffer from hair loss and chances are you will be somslie Bidar - or Baldy.

Chat somalie

But in Somalia, people have a love of such nicknames. In the UK, I said, some of these could get you in trouble with the police if someone objected.

They made me feel like I killed someone. These are people who grapple with the constant fear of being exposed and are subjected to attacks and imprisonment. Somalis are inveterate givers of nicknames but for the past 12 months the closest thing I had to one was Gaal - or Infidel - and, let's face it, there is little distinction in that.

The somali atheist activists who get death threats

After more than two decades of fighting in Somalia, there is no shortage of people with war injuries. A Somali man living in Sudan contacted the Somslie after being physically attacked on the street by a group of men who he believed ascribed to Wahhabism - a form of Islam that is often associated with a more rigorous and extreme interpretation of the Koran and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Chat somalie

It had taken a year. Where is the gaal, and so on.

Chat somalie

An amputee is Lugay, or One Leg. Fear of exposure Somalis have not only been using the group as a platform to debate, but, in some cases, as a means of survival.

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The TSFP arranged for her to be moved to a different country, where she has now found safety in a Christian community. The policeman would come, skmalie look at the guy and say, what's the problem?

If a non-watermarked version of the image is available, please it under the same file name and then remove this template. Now Timo Cadde, or White Hair, may not be the most flattering nickname in the world, but I will take it any skmalie over Infidel.

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I am going to cut your head off," was one of the threats that Ayaanle, a Canada-based Somali atheist, received. About sharing In the West, people tend not to call their friends and colleagues nicknames that pick on negative physical traits. In response to this article, readers sent in their own nicknames. Lul, or Diamond, is a common nickname for ladies. Ayaanle did not want to give his full name.

Boy did he live up to that one. It is routinely used to refer to any non-Muslim, black or white. They returned with the story - told with huge delight - about one of our team chasing a Somali girl. Cjat Ayaanle stresses that the group's intended aim is not to convert Somali Muslims into atheists, or into any other non-conformist identity, but to create an environment that promotes freedom of somaile and speech.

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