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Sometimes a challenge for large companies, though, is getting out of their own way. He addresses the difference between corporate venture capital and institutional venture capital, challenges big companies to make room for innovation and explains how this philosophy is powering the Network of the Future. Traditional performance indicators like sales per square foot, conversion rates and net-promoter scores aren't good enough.

James: Is it always in our lane like logistics and transportation or do we go outside of that? Consider your social media activity.

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They liked to look for those types of opportunities. Rimas Kapeskas tackles that question in the third episode of Longitudes Radio's Network of the Future series.

Chats estados unidos

Brian: James, today we are talking to Rimas Kapeskas. They cannot imagine making those types of fast changes.

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You can iterate it a little bit. The difference is that there is venture money and corporate support that comes in. And finally, what is a good batting average for somebody tasked with uncovering new opportunities for a large multinational corporation like UPS? So is it that important for us? I find it a challenge and interesting every single day. This has ificant implications for almost every aspect of a retail business from marketing to supply chain to IT, e-commerce and merchandising.

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Rimas looks at cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing and explains how the seemingly counterintuitive UPS investment is a byproduct of the startup mindset. If you can minimize risk, then you are going to predict better probability of success.

The larger the corporation is with a corporate venture unit, I would say the more likely their focus for a purpose of having a corporate venture estasos is strategic. So you do have to look at a much broader spectrum. This is where manufacturing is going. Imagine a world where your needs and wants are identified before you even know what you need.

Chats estados unidos

Rimas manages the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, a corporate venture capital group always on the lookout for the next big idea. So from your perspective, what does success look like? James: Yeah, big, established companies need to have kind of this outside influence to help us think different.

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But I think with the addition of 3D printing now, how we go about deing our supply chains is going to be much more interesting. And those types of moves, frankly, would make large corporations shutter.

The way we look at our venture capital investments that I like to chatz is possibly counterintuitive to some people. What makes a strong investment? Rimas, thanks so much for being with us today.

Its leadership has worked with IBM Watson to deliver a truly personal online experience. Now I could argue that there are those types of opportunities, too. Brian: Right.

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I think he provides a really good perspective about the state of venture capital today, particularly what that means from the corporate side. Savvy retailers must follow them.

Chats estados unidos

How does Rimas identify potential partners? How many years have you been doing this?

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And are we incorporating those back successfully into what we think is going to be the future of UPS? So there has to be a different purpose for doing this to make it something sustainable.

This is the guy kind of on the frontline who is tapping into that value. Rimas: — Correct.

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According to research by Deloitte, nearly half of all consumers are "willing to wait longer for a personalised product or service. So the risk in that sense is much lower.

Chatss florist Flowers launched its own IBM-Watson-powered concierge service last year to help customers get more tailored. I mean the whole space of startups gets a lot of media attention for, again, some of the very big names that grow very rapidly and then get acquired for a huge dollar figure.

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