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Please tell us what you find inappropriate about this chat room. I should have liked to see her soul and body thrive And grow without restraint in her terrible games; To divine by the mist swimming within her eyes If her heart harbored a smoldering flame; To explore leisurely her magnificent form; To crawl upon the slopes of her enormous knees, And sometimes in summer, when the unhealthy sun Makes her stretch out, weary, across the countryside, To sleep nonchalantly in the shade of her breasts, Like a peaceful hamlet below a mountainside.

I would have loved to see her body flower giantess chat her soul, To grow up freely in her prodigious play; To find if Looking for 30 or less heart bred some dark flame Amongst the humid mists swimming in her eyes; To run leisurely over her marvelous lines; To creep along the slopes of her enormous knees, And sometimes in summer, when vhat suns Made her wearily stretch out across the countryside, To sleep carelessly in the shadow of her breasts, Like a peaceful village at the foot of a mountain.

And in the misty pools of her great eyes I'd try To spy some secret flame, ominous and cold.

Giantess chat

And oft to scramble o'er her mighty limbs, And climb the slopes of her enormous knees, Or in summer when the scorching sunlight streams Across the country, to recline at ease, And slumber in the shadow of her breast Giajtess an hamlet 'neath the mountain-crest. Her magnificent forms, I'd cuddle lazily, Climbing the slopes of her gigantic knees. Flag report sent!

Giantess chat

This photo album will be submitted to IMVU customer service for review. To feel at leisure her stupendous shapes, Crawl on the cliffs of her enormous knees, And, when in summer the unhealthy suns Have stretched her out across the plains, fatigued, Sleep in the shadows of giantesw breasts at ease Like a small hamlet at a mountain's base.

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I'd watch her grow into her gruesome games, As I observed her body blossom with her soul. To roam her mighty form at my sweet ease, To crawl along the slopes of her vast knees, And, summers, when the sun's unhealthy heats Made her sprawl, tired, across the countryside To sleep at leisure, shaded by her teats, Like a calm hamlet by the mountainside.


Giantess chat

Like a lazy cat at the foot of my queen I'd lay. And when she tired of the sick mid-summer fhat And stretched across the land to take her rest, Like a peaceful hamlet at the foot of the hills, I'd sleep serenely there in the shadow of her breast.

Giantess chat

To see her body flower with her desire And freely spread out in its dreadful play, Guess if her heart concealed some heavy fire Whose humid smokes would swim upon her eye. Underhill In those times when Nature in powerful zest Conceived each day monstrous children, I would have loved to live near a young giantess, A voluptuous cat at the feet of a queen. giantezs

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