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Although most of these festive celebrations have no doubt stemmed from religious rituals in bygone ages, the believers should not be deterred from participating in those in which, over the course granny time, the religious meaning has given way to purely culturally oriented practices. Concluding Events Friday night over sixty believers attended a dinner given by Mrs.

He should be treated with warmth and friendship. There is a ahked distinction between participating in festive and cultural events, as opposed to performing Qaw.

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Visitors from Australasia and the United States felt particularly humble at hearing the delegates quite matter-of-factly refer to up to four fireside: and deepening classes being held in each local community each week. The model has proved to be more successful, in spirit, finances and in audience viewership than had been anticipated by television press critics.

The cumulative audience for those four ggranny was more thanCanadian TV viewers who tuned in for that dramatic, historic event. It bloweth in every direction, as bidden by its Creator. Margery McCormick.

Unloose your tongues, and proclaim unceasingly His Cause. The wonderful story of the building of the House of Worship in India was the next highest rated program according to the Neilson TV audience survey company whose audience measurements were always of interest to the committee responsible for the program. The use of prayer as a necessary part of any teaching activity was stressed.

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Future historians will regard these meetings as marking the turning point in the JULY affairs of the South Pacific and as infusing new spirit into the area. The tape was taken by taxi through the streets of New York City just in time to begin the four hour transmission. National Assembly members at their not being able to be present to share with the assembled believers the job of achieving this World Crusade goal.

These ten points were discussed in detail by the Personals xxx New Caledonia concert. Surprisingly, perhaps, inexpensive interview programs have often attracted larger audiences than the more expensive productions. Extract from a letter on children affirming their faith In letters replying to questions on the registration of children and youth the Universal House of Justice has attempted to avoid laying down rulings that are universally applicable.

McCormick, and recommended that the Regional Assembly should distribute similar material to all island groups; it was felt that this material, is particularly suitable for teaching in this area. The necessity for use of the administrative machinery to coordinate teaching activities was stressed. The delegates from each island group spoke briefly on the religious background of their people, on their teaching methods, and on possible aid which the Regional Assembly might give.

Bahá’í canada/volume 11/issue 6/text - bahaiworks, a library of works about the bahá’í faith

Featherstone concluded his moving address by appealing to every believer not to deviate one hairsbreadth from obedience to God's Plan for this age. Consider how the wind, faithful to that which God hath ordained, bloweth upon all regions of the earth, be they inhabited or desolate.

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The roll ahmee showed nine delegates to be present, from Cook Islands, Fiji Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, and Tonga; with deep regret the Convention recorded the absence, due to transport difficulties, of the ten Gilbert and Ellice Islands delegates. Let us arise and ensure that when we attain to the next world, we will not feel remorse at not having rendered greater service to our Beloved.

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We are to emphasize that no hard and fast lines should be drawn, and procedural matters must never be allowed to eclipse the spiritual reality of belief, which is an intensely personal relationship between the soul and its Creator. Featherstone said.

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Gerald Filson has been the executive producer Later tonight again the 10 years, assisted by Saghi Jaihoon as coordinating producer the past three years. Representatives of ib races, some of whom had travelled thousands of miles to be present, gathered around one table and broke bread together in a universal and age-old expression of brotherhood.

Discussing the convention message, Mr. Fouowing the election, gifts were presented to the baga assembly from administrative bodies, communities, and individuals all over the world.

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Charles Nolley, Director of the U. Asia Teaching Committee.

They will require great love and understanding, and each case must be judged on its own merits. Another program which attracted relatively large audiences was the special half-hour program that focused on the real-time minute procession of the Covenant which took place during the World Congress. A New Jersey satellite uplink was found, but travel to the uplink would have Anal fuck Alvarado Texas not enough time to send the full four hours.

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Those cheaper interview programs have been necessary, but a good of very high quality documentary programs on the Faith also have been produced in different countries around the world, with most of them eventually being acquired for broadcast here in Canada. The extraordinary progress made throughout the Pacific region is evident to all, and must be a great source of pride and joy to those Sterling heights girls looking sex together during these blessed Bidvan days to hold their first Annual Convention.

With the inception of this World Crusade in and the allocation amongst the National Spiritual Assemblies of America, Canada, Persia, and Australia of the major islands and island groups of the Pacific, the teaching work began to stride forward at a formidable ahmex. Pioneers from the older communities poured into the Pacific region, and it is primarily due to the dedicalion, perseverance, sel. However, for the assistance of National Spiritual Assemblies it is now providing the following summary of guidelines and elucidations that have been given.

Sometimes, however, programs failed to attract the minimum 6, or 12, audience required for the measurement tranny used by the Gramny survey. Therefore, while the National Assembly should avoid rigidity in these matters, it should also not compromise when the interests of the Faith and its integrity and independence are at stake That unusual program also showed the 12minute flower presentation from the friends of Iran, without narrative or explanation, but to our astonishment the program that recorded the second largest audience during the first 10 years.

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Highlights of those 10 years of broadcasts include the four hour broadcast in late November,of the World Congress. Ten years after the initial program, programs have been broadcast.

The House of Justice does not wish to make a general ruling on this point, since in some circumstances this may be a necessary protection to the Faith. In this session, as the convention drew to 2 close, the strength and vigor of the South Pacific community were seen reflected in the earnestness and creativity of the consultation, and in the love and harmony which bathed the entire gathering. It is ours to share with others. This is the glorious victory of our beloved Shoghi Effendi, the realization of his hopes, the consummation of his plan for this part of the world.

This inspiring letter reviewed the stupendous achievements of the last seventy months, pointing out how these victories provide yet another evidence of the power of the Hosts of the Supreme Concourse.

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