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Rich talk28 February UTC It's a talk notice, and it not deed for use in articles themselves. Read: Rich people rarely tell their kids how much money they make Among middle-class Americans, the ban on talking about money is instead often brought on by financial precarity.

How to talk american

So instead of addressing the subject of an article editors would think "what the hell's that" and then have to click on the image to find out. Cook told me that in Israel, some people openly discuss salary information. Usually, the article either has evolved using predominantly this variety or has strong ties to a particular English-speaking nation that uses this variety. Perhaps the notice can be reworded to make that clear. I hope that's okay.

I do like the idea of Will and Rabbie, although a debating point is that neither spoke a form of modern English.

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Before this period of industrialization, Cook said, workers had less of ameerican expectation that their pay would reflect their talents and abilities, because they were well aware of the leverage their employers had in setting wages; but in the 20th century, as those economic ideas took hold, wages became something that workers might deduce their own worth from.

I suggest changing the examples americann labor, traveled, color and aluminum, where the differences are more clearly established. I also don't see any great need for a flag on articles strongly related to that country either.

Same for the article on Flags should be removed from these language templates. Unnecessary use anerican state symbols for unrelated issues should be avoided.

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It also has to do with the fact that some people depend on remittances from relatives abroad, so discussions of financial specifics naturally feature in family life. To complicate things further, there are scripts to change to British English but not to change back to American English, meaning it can often be hard t reverse the changes if there are any intermediate edits. Why can American English not be represented by the Yo flag?

Let's just remove the flags from the notices. That's assuming bad faith. Could I put in a plea atlk it be reasonably small: looks huge at the moment.

Change the following:. In fact, money taboos vary a lot based on class. If the article on, say, Japan, is written in AmEng I haven't checked; it probably isit seems singularly inappropriate to use the template with a US anything on it, except to state "American Americna. I don't know if the doc can be made accessible from here or not.

Who knows about that stone? What is the flag doing here, beyond decoration? They do this with everything—why not salaries? Why the Australian flag on the language template?

Why so many americans don’t talk about money

Fuck girls on High Point RashersTierney talk13 May UTC As suggested at Template talk:British Englishthere is a centralised discussion regarding alternatives to flag icons on these templates. The varieties do not even map well onto the anglophone nation states.

Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, a development-sociology professor at Cornell University, told me that when income or wealth is invoked as a status symbol, it can spark a competition with others that will be unpleasant for all involved. Hyphen[ edit ] The language is called American English. As for needing parameters we have Category:Varieties of English templates - if one is missing we can make it. Seems reasonable most of the time, on non-country specific articles, on US specific articles.

A bold move seems in order. It's possible that much of the anti-flag movement can be traced back to editors who wish to remove British flags and because they can't remove only the Union Jack their fallback position is to try and get rid of all flags. The US flag indicates this version of the language originates in the United States as opposed to anywhere else in the Americas.

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The purpose is discussion. I could support Dramatic's idea. The outcome is similar for public workers, whose pay is often standardized, and determined by clearly defined criteria. The idea is that the have-nots fight to claim some resources for themselves while the haves fight to defend what they own, whether violently or more subtly. Money also becomes more openly discussed under particular household Single Newcomb needed, as Viviana Zelizer, a sociologist at Princeton, pointed out to me.

NorthernThunder talk18 March UTC Before "ANY" changes take place i believe all the projects that have templates they may be affected should be involved in this talk no way this little talk will fly over with some of the projects - I see that the IP did posts this at some related projects - but were all notified Category:Varieties of English templates - any Ozzies or south African etc Thus, taboos around money—among haves and have-nots alike—exert a sort of stabilizing force, blurring how much people actually have and giving them one fewer reason to be upset with their place in society.

How would we know we're supposed to break our own rules? It only causes problems on articles specific to a non-US country.

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What are alternatives? Rich talk28 February UTC Suggested link change[ edit ] Suggest this links directly to Varieties of English instead of List of dialects of the English language via a pipe appearing as "varieties of English". The more cruft you have to scroll past at the redding amateur sex, the more you are impeding the goal of talk s.

Can we change the documentation of the template so that it is limited to article s only? The time-related taboos that Jones described have likely been around for a while, but the particular taboos around talking about money in present-day America are probably about a century and a half old, according to Eli Cook, a history professor at the University of Haifa hwo the author of The Pricing of Progress: Economic Indicators and the Capitalization of American Life.

That needs fixing, since it's a maintenance impediment.

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Talk:British English. This whole issue being debated above does seem to stem from and Irish minority dislike of the Union Flag. Flags should be removed from the other templates too. Who exactly are these edit warriors?

How to master an american english accent

Let's just tal these templates to their proper names. I can't imagine wanting to slap a "Scottish English" template on an article that was not about, or had a very strong connection with Ecosse. It only le to drama.

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