Married and lonely dating norway chat rooms



Anonymous We were honest with one another Jo, London, UK As many people here have discovered, things aren't always what they seem, and people aren't always who they say they are, but the dream that someone has found their soul mate can accentuate existing marital problems, and drive a couple even further apart. This debate is now closed. Internet is not to blame for any divorces. The chat rooms are just a form of escapism to help people forget about their everyday struggles. The problem is that the person on the internet who appears to be the answer to your dreams is probably not what they claim to be, and the internet means you can get carried away with the rush before you realise that your year-old model with a huge trust fund is actually an unemployed year-old with a warped idea of fun.

The internet can help fuel a fantasy of happily-ever-after but can't hide the reality forever.

Married and lonely dating norway chat rooms

Cathi, Liverpool, UK This is nonsense! I met a of very nice women and am now settled down and living with my beautiful new partner and her daughter. I think web romance and cating rooms are not datingg married people. Although I am not with the person I had a web affair with my life has completely changed for the better, I am now happy and content in a relationship that he has given me equality and a baby son. Popular s.

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Jack, London It's married that the web has facilitated the break-up of relationships. It destroyed my trust in her, and I loved her so much! We can help you meet lonely married wives who are ready to add fresh excitement to their lives.

Married and lonely dating norway chat rooms

Just because you have good friends online or in real life does not mean your marriage is in trouble. It's clear to see that the internet made it very easy for her to have the affair and it is possible that without the internet she may not have done so, but her marriage was already in trouble, instead of seeking solutions the easy way out for her was an affair through the internet.

Married but lonely chat rooms.

Bored women can now marred into easy contact with men norawy having to go to bars etc. For those people saying people spend too much time online - any hobby or pastime which takes over a person's life to the point of obsession is a threat to a marriage. Internet breaking marriages? My husband's partner spent all her waking hours watching TV soaps, EastEnders, Coronation Street, can I blame them for the breakdown of their marriage?

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Marriage needs commitment and sometimes Women want sex Eddington go wrong but decent people should try and sort out the problem. Phil, Chester, England If a couple aren't happy, surely that's the cause of a break up Gemma, Preston, Lancs It gives people the encouragement and opportunity to meet new people if they're single.

If it weren't for the internet, I wonder how marriied husband and I would have stayed married! Lloyd Evans, Brighton, UK Blaming the internet for the breakdown in marriages is like blaming an umbrella for the fact that it's raining Francisco, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK The internet is a communications tool -- nothing more, nothing less.

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Rich, Highworth, Ajd My partner of five years started chatting - innocently so he said - on the 'sex boards' for 'bored and married' people Anon, London, UK Well maybe you can't generalise but I think in certain cases it can cause problems when partners get onto the chat boards. Moo, London, UK My life has completely changed for the better Joanne, Buckinghamshire When I went onto the chat rooms I was a lonely wife living alone at home as my husband was working away from home.

Even if you have a very busy lifestyle, our site can fit around it seamlessly. Don't just focus on the negative when it brings so many positives as well.

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Not one was a man until my husband of 20 years wanted a divorce. Who can blame people for wanting a bit of excitement in their life? Brian, North UK Roo,s friend's husband left her for another MAN he met online - not sure he would have had the guts to rioms out and search for a real gay lover but the internet enabled him to make a start, and now, to dump his family.

I think a lot of people use the internet as an excuse to avoid each other and not talk about their problems. We can help you make your dreams of lonely lojely personal affairs a reality. We are very confident that we can help you find the exciting lonely housewife that you have been fantasising about.

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Anon, Switzerland No - it is simply being made an excuse by weak-minded philanderers. It's the low wages and the pressures it causes people that drive them to such things.

Dave, England The internet just provides more opportunities for people to communicate and relationships are a consequence of that. Kidist, Herts - UK My ex-wife started chatting to guys on various sites, after realising that most would buy her nice meals in pricey places. David, England No, the web is not breaking up marriages.

The internet isn't adding to the UK divorce rate, it is just a new way for empty-shell marriages to openly collapse after privately cracking! It's a disaster for people who tend to float away from reality, like an online dangerous drug. Our site makes you far more visible to the bored and lonely housewives you wish to connect with, and the xnd process is so quick and simple.

Technology is simply a tool, and people will use it in whatever way they will. I had an norwau relationship that resulted in my meeting the other person in real life.

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Mark, Glasgow Hmm, I wonder. My last partner turned out to be a paedophile, unknown to me - I found out when I used his computer and accidentally found some child porn. The only explanation is that without full human contact we supplement this withered form of communication with the power of our imaginations. Rolms P, West Midlands, UK Maybe one should ask what causes people to spend hours talking to people on the Net rather than their partner?

We have quite a few friends that Any females with a strap on met on-line and subsequently met in person so it's not all bad. Gerry, UK I was in a relationship not married for 12 years and my ex-partner cheated on me with a work colleague. It was a move I was not willing to make and so after a prolonged period we stopped chatting.

Married and lonely dating norway chat rooms

Anon, London, UK I amd first hand experience of this when I met a girl online whom I fell in love with and proceeded to have a relationship with. Her mum started hanging around rooms speaking to people the same age as her and then she started looking for people who lived nearby.

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