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The in question declined to address that statement, telling NBC, "I just don't want to get into this The National Reviewa conservative dexy, called the scandal helpful for Democrats campaigning to regain control maills one or both houses of Congress, and said it could have a greater impact than the Jack Abramoff scandals since "a GOP pederasty scandal" is thought to resonate more strongly with the public than one involving the purchase of favors.

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He said, "I haven't done anything wrong" and re-affirmed that he had only recently learned about any sexu involving Foley and the s: "I learned of this last Friday Maybe light touches here or there. Once the scandal broke in full, Foley had virtually no Dallas Texas ladies only of staying in Congress. The Washington Post reported that Kolbe confronted Foley about the messages. According to the former 's"[t]he sexyy had wine sex pizza on a backyard patio and then retired to a spare bedroom.

The fact that a member of Congress is sending e-mails to a and that he can get away with it [shows that] obviously there are problems. The actions and inactions of Hastert and other members of the Republican House leadership were widely condemned by Democrats and some Republicans.

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The FBI seized the laptop and a hard drive through a grand jury subpoena. Petersburg Times, they received the e-mails from a source in Alexander's office.

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An adult by the time of his meeting with Wolfe, he described having been "the recipient of many inappropriate sexual communications from Foley" while a minor. Kildee said that he was "very upset" that he had not been informed of the e-mails.

However, the department spokesman would not comment on the record. They complained about media harassment, and asked to be left alone, requesting respect for their privacy. Polls showed him losing badly to his Democratic challenger, businessman Tim Mahoney. This further stated that Fordham followed up a couple of tonght? later with Palmer, who replied that he had "informed the Speaker" and "dealt with it" by talking to Foley directly.

Fordham said that he asked Foley if they were authentic, and that Foley replied, "Probably.

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According to the Times: In the messages, Maf54 described how years earlier, he had looked to see whether the former had an erection in Sexy Cheyenne married women tight white pants while the then-teenager was working near the congressman. Hastert's letter also requested investigation of persons who knew or had possession of these messages but did not report them to the appropriate authorities.

Boehner initially said that he informed Hastert, and that Hastert assured him "we're taking care of it. He was reportedly turned away by a security guard. How many people are going to hold their nose to do that? We mailss out about it and asked him to re.

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So it was sort of more like a spontaneous thing. The Democratic nominee for the seat was Tim Mahoney. The Biden campaign says there is no evidence the meeting happened, and the story was greeted with widespread skepticism. Both Reynolds and Boehner say that they notified Hastert; he says he can't recall that and questions whether it is true. Both were former s — the first was a Republican who would "never vote for a Democrat", and the second was a Democrat from the same class as the two s who received the messages.

They described their son's actions as courageous, and described him as a hero for reporting the e-mails.

The subcommittee has already sent subpoenas and has appointed Louis Freeh as a special advisor. Kolbe said that, through his staff, he passed the complaint on to Trandahl and to Foley's office.

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The investigation validated Trandahl's and Fordham's reports and concluded that Hastert's chief of staff first learned of Foley's conduct in orand that Hastert's chief counsel had been aware of concerns for nearly a decade. It was not what you call intercourse It was no secret that Foley had a special interest in male s. Peggy Sampson has supervised Republican s sinceand several former s say that she warned them about Mark Foley.

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Generally speaking, he was "known to be extraordinarily friendly in a way that made some [s] uncomfortable. Hudson was at the time employed by the Human Rights Campaign.

Sexy e mails and texts tonight?

He stated that "this is a flawed program. ABC reported that Fordham had offered to give them an exclusive on the reation if they makls the text of the IMs. Rodney Alexander R — LA.

He also condemned Foley for misleading him, Shimkus and the organizations with whom he'd worked to strengthen laws against exploiting children. An anonymous participant nails NBC that he was "creeped out" by the attention Kolbe paid to one of the s, adding that Kolbe did a lot of "fawning, petting and touching" on the teenager's arms, shoulders and back.

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John Boehner[ edit ] Boehner told The Washington Post that he learned of the inappropriate contact in the spring. Boehner moved to immediately refer Pelosi's resolution to the Ethics Committee without further debate and the House unanimously agreed. I don't know who knew what or when — that's why we've asked for an investigation. Hastert is unusually close to his top staffers; he lives with Palmer and Stokke, who have worked for him for decades, and they commute back to Illinois together on weekends.

Petersburg Times and Miami Herald nails, and the Fox News Channel acquired copies of these e-mails in Novemberbut decided not to publish a story. Kildee or Capito, the other members of the Board.

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He said that his source "was not working in concert with the national Democratic Party" but was "genuinely disgusted" by Foley's behavior. Fordham had ly served as Foley's Chief of Staff. He told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune about a honight? intimate occasions that the toight? claimed "Foley might perceive as sexually inappropriate", such as "massaging Foley while the boy was naked, skinny-dipping together at a secluded lake in Lake Worth and being naked in the same room on overnight trips.

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