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The vertical load bearing members and the horizontal elements called "beams. You have to be concerned that removing rubble doesn't collapse on air pockets below where victims might be. So the current water deployment system may be the best we have.

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Perhaps we need more water. Had the building collapse occurred two to four hours after the initial event, they would have been able to evacuate everybody. But these were large bombs, strategically placed -- the bomb being the airplane and the placement being in a vulnerable spot in the building. How long before we get to the folks? The above is an edited transcript of the interview on Thursday, September 13, So there is a strong possibility that if they can get to them, they will be people there. keep community safe during lockdown

Cbat think that if the fireball was not so great, that they could have contained the fire. I'm sure a lot of it has filled the hole that was the basement.

One is the structural engineering --how it was deed. So many of the rescue efforts are being done by hand and small tools to quickly get to victims.

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And that is why we have requirements to fireproof buildings for one or two hours to allow orderly egress. Is it possible that people have fallen into the basements with debris on top of them? Other systems have been investigated but have been recalled because of other health risks. But given the structure of these buildings, and that is called a "tube structure," the remaining structural elements were able to carry the load.

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There are engineers from the Structural Engineering Association of New York SEAONY as well as other local engineering firms, such as my own, that have volunteered to inspect buildings and determine if they are safe for rescue personnel and subsequent tenants. And do we know yet how many buildings will chaf to be demolished when all is said and done? - tod rittenhouse: why the world trade center collapsed - september 13,

You have to be concerned about the stability of the neighboring buildings. And every building has an emergency egress plan. Tod Rittenhouse ed CNN. Had the impact zone been lower in the building, the structure may have fallen in a tree-like effect, rather than crushing down on itself.

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I hope that we can rebuild. So there is a good chance that people who are located may still found, though it is a dim chance. One is the structural engineering --how it was deed. If I can be of any help, please contact me. This was not a conventional fire. Damage from aircraft parts, the fireball explosion, the building falling itself, causing damage to other buildings, the ground shaking, and potentially high winds could now cause other buildings to fall.

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Fires are meant to be fought in localized areas. How safe is it really to be in the upper levels of such a tall building during an emergency?

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So there was never enough water to arrest the fire to prevent structural instability. The port authority has worked to secure the perimeter around the base of the building so the only way to attack the building is at a higher elevation -- such as an air attack.

We were concerned toc the damage and in getting the people out in time before some type of collapse occurred. Our Web site is: www. And this time that time to crush, that is, the time to achieve structural instability, was about an hour.

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The above is an edited transcript of the interview on Thursday, September 13, In Mexico City, there was once an earthquake where chaat to eight days later, they found survivors, many of them infants, located in the hospital. So there is a good chance that people who are located may still found, though it is a dim chance. The other reason is because the impact zone was so high up in the building that the weight of the uppermost floors fell onto the impact zone.

I hope that we can tod chat. The time to egress the WTC, for example, is approximately chatt hours.

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